Happy Mother’s Day

mother and daughterWith the growth of technology, phone chat ups have found a function with the display of pictures and just like the old saying goes; a picture says a thousand words.
It is very common to display someone’s picture for different reasons and most reasons are usually seen in the status…today being mother’s day, many people did as usual; some were orphans but they still did the usual which was to display their mum’s picture. I didn’t even bother(my mum doesn’t have a blackberry) how would she see it? my mum is not so keen on technology….Anyway a friend sent me a message saying “Ruth, can’t you see its mother’s day, why no dp(display picture)?” I replied “no, not following the crowd”. That was what inspired me to write this anyway and the actual truth is I didn’t think using her picture as my dp was the ultimate celebration. I had sent her a message and we had spoken on the phone and God help me, if I had all the money in this world it be to retire her and make her feel like a child again; who wouldn’t worry about anything.

Its nice to show we care and recognise them, but lets do it without using our gadgets; a hug says more than a display picture.

Mothers around the world we greet you; its more than just today for you…you deserve the best and I pray that God will never make your bad words come true on your children and that God will help you see them become better than you….

Make everyday a mother’s day, they deserve it

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