A Country And A Man

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In recent times, men have become a country; he’s either broke or too populated with the wrong friends or the right ideas. He lives solely just on his decisions and this is the same battle a country faces; the only difference is that man is one alone but a country is a group of men with different broke periods and different populated friends and foes.

With a glance at an individual, I have chosen to describe a country as a man because I have discovered that within a country lies men who either must make decisions and take away foes or create ideas to change his status/ make decisions which make or break him.

A country can stand and so can a man; therefore it would not be absurd of me to go on and describe countries as men. Countries have always being known to set boundaries, so that they distinguish themselves either by languages or economy- many men do not differ from this and I say so because just as countries set up political parties and people to rule them, men set up emotions in their hearts and these govern their daily activities.

Emotions have always been known to tell a man- the reaction he gives you portrays who he is more than the suit or hoodie he puts on- leaders around the world have become leaders for different reasons- some for greed, power, wealth and even service but it all started with emotions; men too have become men not as male children but emotional signals that come up when a chance is to be taken

It is however sad to say that countries and men fall flat with the same matter of contention called DECISION. People who are leaders meet everyday and make decisions which would either stable or unstable things and man accompanies foes and friends who he seeks advice from or tells his tale to- the bone of contention however which plays its part, is solely on the final decision which affects both man and country.

During war times- leaders where consulted but the outcome prevailed on individual men who walked the street- generation after generation; Iraq, USA, Nigeria, Rwanda, other countries like these which faced war left men histories to tell and have told them through books but men have kept histories of experience within, some learn and some repeat their mistakes.

I can’t keep writing if what I have been trying to say isn’t sinking in- A country is ruled by a man- he should be respected- he should have compassion- he should make decisions he can live with- he should not throw in the towel because his leg was shot during battle- his citizens are his body parts so he should know what he throws at them- inviting other people isn’t a bad idea but he should remember the hair that is cut, can still grow and whatever makes him happy along with the people that make him happy, should be the one thing he keeps around.

As a leader, as a man(women too) should not make a decision today because of Economy, racism, fashion, friends or foes- always make sure that you can live with whatever you decide on. A man can make a damage to his reputation by making a damage to his country.



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