Poem: The Troublesome Girlfriend

troublesome_womanA knock at the door
She comes uninvited
She sees herself to the room
Sees herself to the kitchen
Sees herself to my bed

A knock on the door
She must be greeted with a pat at the back or combat begins
She wants to know every step
She seeks to know every acquaintance

A knock on the door
My kin folk know its her
For they long await her entrance; even though they know she comes and go like the train
They embrace her every sight and seek her opinion

A knock on the door
She has loyalty but argues to make a point
She has formed the habit of making my weekly recipe like my mum and finds pleasure in picking my attires
Going and coming whenever she likes

A knock on the door
I can turn around and give her a halt
I can take possession and stop the charade of actions
I can, I can, I can

A knock on the door
The sun is risen
I long for her
For though I remember her faults
I am reminded of breathe when I hear A knock on the door.

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