Should I Not Have A Wedding?


image_20170520_052635Weddings! Weddings! Weddings! Are weddings really ideal? I mean does it really matter if a woman walks down the aisle to meet a man and people bring gifts and make specific attires just for an event?

A pastor once said; people spend time preparing for their wedding, than they do preparing for what comes after that- but what exactly is it? Marriage or living together?.

Most people want to get married I know(even the men that are scared of the financial turmoil) but why is there a wedding? Why do people say if you don’t look beautiful on that day, you can never be beautiful? Why do we spend so much money on one day? Why weddings? I was at a bank one day when a lady walked in and her colleagues asked her ‘How was your honey moon? How does it feel to be married?’ She replied; “The honey moon was lovely, can’t wait to have more but as for the marriage, there isn’t any difference, I mean its just an extension of our boyfriend, girlfriend activities” and they all laughed. I was amazed even though I wasn’t in the conversation; All that lady said in her answer was/is true. Being married is an extension of your relationship. If you are been beaten before, expect more; forget about anything, just expect more of everything that was before.

Marriage isn’t bad, neither are weddings but why do we pick a date, pick attires, get a make up artist, rent halls and so on and so forth? Why are we engrossed in having a party over an extension of what we already know about? My mum says the funniest thing done in a wedding is the pastor asking ‘Do you take this person to be ..wife/husband?’ She said how will people who do not want to be with each other make so much arrangement? #lol very true#

I guess its really the beauty of everything that makes our weddings beautiful. You might not have a big one or one with a Cinderella dress, it could even be less than you expect, but its always going to be your wedding, your day, your picture, your husband, your wife, your wedding dress, all yours, don’t forget though, its an extension.

I know some people became single again after the party but the real extension, is always you. If you look beautiful then, look beautiful now. Everything; your husband, your wedding, your relationship, your wife, starts with you and you are all that matters.

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