Poem: Mother Abiku



To the nations i call,

To the spirits of age i call,

I have faltered

But know not where.

I am a woman.

In my ages i have lived

Longing for whom to love me,

At a time, i was loved by my betrothal

Now i am a witch, for what i know not its origin

A spirit confounds me

Which must go and come in seasons

Abiku, ogbanje, they call it.

Pleasing kindred spirits,

Wishing for iku, each time with a sickness

Inviting misfortune to the home

Sucking conjugal blessings dry

Leaving me a pity as well as a witch for the society

I am mother Abiku and mother ogbanje

Do find out Abiku’ and ogbanje’ origin for me

I cannot go on with the iyi-uwa rights

For this must stop

My sisters must not have the same.

The inspiration of this poem, came from the J P Clark and Wole Soyinka’s poem ‘Abiku’- compared to theirs which is about the Abiku child, mine refers to the mother who has not been talked about…please criticize me…

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