Ankara or Dutch wax; the modern booming business.

Who could believe the Ankara that our mothers used to attach us to their backs as African children would become creative designs that would set trends?   I recollect those days when using Ankara as a cover cloth to sleep with, was a must. Most people didn't go to school without it- now it automatically... Continue Reading →

Poem: Muted love

I tasted my tears as we parted It was too heavy to be sweet I had cried the toddler's tears Heavy but for a want only a mother understood As I walked, the tears poured and with the rain no one knew. I was a lady like a school girl; I cried like a child... Continue Reading →

A Movie Adaptation Of ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’ Yippppeeee

With great excitement, I await the adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel ‘HALF OF A YELLOW SUN’ The Novel which won the Orange prize for fiction in 2007 reflects the afterlife of the Biafra war in Nigeria and its citizens who were left to carry on with their lives. It is a novel which the... Continue Reading →

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