Poem: Muted love


I tasted my tears as we parted

It was too heavy to be sweet

I had cried the toddler’s tears

Heavy but for a want only a mother understood

As I walked, the tears poured and with the rain no one knew.

I was a lady like a school girl;

I cried like a child longing for a word

A word you did not say

Cried for the way you estimated me

Having many merriments

As I arrived, mother took a glance and knew my pain

She patted me and gave me a hug

I was given food but dismissed it

I had said nothing but everyone knew my pain

As I slept, I shivered on my bed

You had said nothing denying me as one you knew not

And not even the rise of robotics had evidence of me with you

You told no one I wasn’t yours but also didn’t say I was

I had to myself just I, myself and me

Pondering through the night,

Picking myself up at dawn, I  re collected you said all in deeds.

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