How Is Your Love Life?

boyfriend-girlfriend-Have you ever had that feeling of not wanting to love again or not wanting to be involved with anyone after one is done? Even in marriages where vows have been taken to be there for better for worse, I hear some parties don’t mind parting for a while.

Many a time people loose focus of loving each other- we make statements like I hate him or her- am not a love expert but why do we hate the very people we love?

I know men cheat- they say one thing to you and tell another lady something else; worse you could be the one he shares his problems with and he would tell the other lady she gave him reasons to love- its never a fun story to keep going but I also know that women are prone to cheat better than men; for instance why would you be involved with someone else and give others your time? Can’t you put your best in yours? Why do you give out your access information to men you know are involved? Honestly I pray no one ends up with a man who has offended so many women(its easier to hurt a man and get away, than it is a woman lol- so I heard). Yes, you are not attached to someone especially since you have not being given a ring or are not accepted by family members but how would you be remembered when you become an ex?

sexI can go on and on but the married people must be spoken of- women are becoming single mothers everyday; is it that they flirt or men just want pleasure and they are victims? Are we still saying she tired me down with the pregnancy? Hello! She did not do it alone. I can’t say how much I feel for women who are single mothers because I cant feel the pain I didn’t endure. However, much love to them- am not saying men are bad but it seems absurd when you are born a man and you take on the role of a tortoise(running away from responsibilities). Its saddening that the very creature God had to create to show total love (man/woman) gives it out in pieces, with conditions and worse of all with hatred.

Some people right now claim they want so much money before they get married, others even say after the money some things will be looked at- like height, religion, race, tribe; proving no none can love you like God- he loves without conditions and the love he gives is a secure one.

I pray a day comes that we begin to get what we deserve from the various relationships we are in; married or not.  I believe there is a reason man was formed and was given a companion. I know its not easy loving a man that cheats or accepting a woman who disrespect(s) you or even loving someone who vowed to love you in sickness and health, but love is not suppose to hurt.



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