Ankara or Dutch wax; the modern booming business.

Ankara.jpgWho could believe the Ankara that our mothers used to attach us to their backs as African children would become creative designs that would set trends?ankara1


I recollect those days when using Ankara as a cover cloth to sleep with, was a must. Most people didn’t go to school without it- now it automatically has become the best attire one can possess. Not to mention the fact that celebrities would see it as a trend, or the fact that it would represent a color block trend that would look awesome on any skin color. Its a great trend wear now and stores have acquired them, providing them at moderate prices and calling them “tribal wears”, lol…its an African pride thing actually and tailors have become assets for those who have them as fashion designers and we are glad that celebrities have made them into their daily wears for everyone to see that fashion is just not plain colors.

ankara b.pngBEYONCE

It is so beautiful, portraying history, culture and designs in the African way just as it were in the beginning from the of the Bronze age Hatti civilization. You can’t run out of styles these days; they are everywhere- Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr you name it










Kudos to the numerous fashion designers who bring to light through their creative designs fashion wears of the material- please do purchase one now either at stores or from,, or better still, create yours(the business is booming)

tribal wear

I am proud to be African

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