Living With Expectations

Thinking Lady 7So much pain on my shoulders, don’t know who to share my story with, if I do, I don’t know who won’t judge me or use it against me or worse who won’t hold thoughts in their hearts- that am I the only one? #phew (everyone’s tale)

Each and everyone has something they call a battle/issue or problem and the real story is that what one man has as an issue, another man has never experienced at all.

Life is indeed a mystery; and right now people are finding it hard to do simple things like listen, love, hug, smile and care and its not hard to see why; everyone is fighting through issues they don’t know the exit point- jobs are hard to get, stipends are paid when you get them and the cost of living is rising daily, loving people even seem harder because they were fighting battles before you met them

I am not writing to say I understand all but I write to remind you that you do not own life, you go to bed but cannot tap yourself and say wake up; this world was not made by you- you don’t even know how some things happen, yet they happen- where ever you are out there- regardless of what you are feeling right now don’t give up- no man adds to his plate by looking at his food.

Smile or laugh out loud and hang in there; if you pray, pray one more time- don’t give up for nothing and listen to someone else, don’t judge- help where you can and listen to any song that reminds you, that is going to be OK.

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