Why We Hide Our Relationships

Thanks to social media and to our smart phones, relationships are no longer hidden affairs and the thought of having a bf//fiance/husband using our pictures as their avi for his friends to see, or having someone who sends a message every now and then reminding us of how he feels about us, or perhaps having someone who visits with a gift and someone who creates time to pick you up and say thank you for nothing feels good. But then, imagine a dude that has done none of these things and wants no one to know about you, who do you think loves you? Think well before you conclude




I got the idea to write this after reading an article on facebook on men who cheat and how they respond to comments from other ladies and how they never tag their girlfriends in any picture with them or compliment her, except through her inbox.

Honestly I have been pondering on the same question I asked earlier and I feel its a question we should ask ourselves before we conclude on a lot- if your man does all or not, it does not mean he loves you or not but ask yourself if you deserve such treatment?

A man regardless of who he is to you will never complete you. A woman will and can always manipulate a man; a clear context of that comes from the bible; Adam needed Eve and only in her was he complete.(Genesis 3:23). It didn’t say Eve was complete in Adam.


The article I read, was written by a man and he advised that regardless of how many female friends a guy has, attention and exultation, should be given to his woman at least once in a while. He said a man who can’t tell others that you are his, is a proper cheat- I know men will disagree with me on this but this was said by a man and come to think of it- when was the issue of being in love or being with someone a hidden affair? I heard the less people know of your relationship, the better but what part of your relationship gets to people? The quarrels or the beautiful moments they observe? Are you bothered that they know you have someone or they know the things you do with the person? I don’t think people are suppose to know what goes on in your relationship. They already know you two are together, what else do they want?


I don’t think a lady can be comfortable hiding it all as sometimes a wife deserves to be treated like a girlfriend and a girlfriend like a wife… Its really about respect. Don’t let the best one get away because you think keeping hrt hidden would make you two last longer. Be proud of what you have.



  1. If you can’t intoduce her, then she’s not dear to you, or you don’t like her for a serious affair. Its not totally conclusive anyways, but that’s it germain.

  2. I agree totally with the fact that if you cant associate with her in public he is cheating and the other way round. If you say someone is your jewel or your bright morning star. She shouldn’t be hidden. For everyone one who is in a relationship and you were told by your partner that he/she is not the type to be doing public display……. You have so many things to run for. Am talking from experience and i know so many people who have suffered from such things. Don’t be the next person.

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