Are We Best Friends Or Chat Pals?


Not having a friend could be taunting, but what if that is the only way you make a clear decision?   Friends are usually people we relate with, that aren’t family members, they are people we meet along the way- some could be our school friends, our colleagues at work or even people we meet while just passing by- they never appear in red clothes with horns but not all of them stick around.



The world from the outside is round in shape and we are made to believe that it moves but gravity makes us stand and this illustration is one I would like us to identify as friends- people walk around and because we move, we are bound to come across others who move but we stand alone regardless of movements.


Everyday of a man’s life, he meets someone- regardless of his environment, he sees people and gets acquainted with them, as they go along they discuss about sublime issues that face them every day and if at any point there are three acquaintances, one draws near to the one he or she sees as supreme.


Friends are never considered people’s parents or people that feed us but people we share issues with, so there is so much pain when they go against the friendship rule of unfaithfulness.


It has never been novel to have a friend, neither has it been absurd but after a while, we either call them the best we have, the worse we know or those we wish we never met. A child often feels the need for many acquaintances but as he or she develops, they see the need for fewer people who share their common likes and dislikes.  Is that child wrong? Has he or she learned a lesson or are people we call friends worse than those we tag as enemies?


Friends have never been bad, unfaithful and dishonest or people who we claim talk behind our back; NEVER- the truth is that they are the very thing we need after family because we also answer that name friend to someone else. You might have met someone who told someone else the very thing you told them not to share but it does not mean they are bad, its the attitude they possess that actually does the telling and that is why we must understand that no friend is a foe- you will attract your friends in so many ways but remember none of them like you has a perfect character and you either want them or you don’t. If all you see in a friend is a foe, it might also be that you do not understand your friend.

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