Staying Fat or Living Healthy?



Have you ever been called fat?

Our Friends and colleagues are usually the ones aside from us to know when something has gone wrong and for many who do not go in for regular check ups, its often worse because we keep telling ourselves that everything is alright, even when we know we can’t do the simple things we use to do anymore.


I recollect a story of a man who said he advised a lady to loose some weight and they became enemies- apparently, she had complained of not going on dates and of her boyfriend leaving her for someone skinny. She was still herself, her name had not changed, neither did her address or attitude but she was eating herself away and he didn’t like it.


Most overweight individuals like her blame their weight on depression and say they lost someone or things got bad and the only way it felt better over time, was eating. If you ask me, it means they have enough to eat and so they did.


A recent research has shown that the waist line of most women have increased and many of them are prone to have fertility problems, cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases but none of these have been proven to be definite to the overweight individuals as regardless of what you tell people, a proof is better than speculated diagnosis.


No one needs to remind you of your death or the hospital bed you are in. Eating has never been bad but eating without measure is bad- no one is asking you to calculate calories, but remember that too much sugar is not healthy and a clove of garlic, fruits, water, exercise does more good than excess cake and ice cream and do not conclude that you have to eat a cookie to feel better- no you don’t.


You have to stay alive to feel better. Push yourself and do yourself right, eat and live healthy. Everything you do, is really about you.


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