When Last Did You F…?

sexI know I used the f word and I am not going to apologize for using such but pardon me to say it as a lady would, when last did you have sex?

Before I go on, please understand that this reading is not for underage teens who should be told by mum and dad that sex is a BIG responsibility but for married and mature couples who know what they want. Often times religion make God sound like a wicked man who says immediately you are no longer a virgin you are doomed for hell but how soon do we forget that knowledge is wisdom?

People get married for different reasons but most times it is for the love of having that very person to yourself- ‘even though it is not always the case’, we take vows and make a public binding to tell everyone I am no longer available for hanky panky anymore and I had many but am choosing this one and so on

It is very sad that when people get married they forget a lot and since relatives made a lot of agreement to the union, the issue of having a child in order not to be called barren is an immediate affair. The couple who on the other hand start popping out individuals, forget to share intimacy and the whole idea of speaking softly and taking baths together becomes ‘I remember when we first met’ gist.

Some people have concluded never to go as far as getting married and forgetting freedom or changing partners, they say marriage is too serious and a lot is needed- no one would argue with that as marriage often makes a woman forget how to put on make up until her husband admires someone but I want to leave the whole topic of why people really shy away from marriage for now and focus on the married couples by asking when last did you do ‘naughty things’ together? You remember those things that you did for him or her just to tell them how special they were? That night when you people finally agreed and you knew who ever knocked was going to say sorry and run back #wink, why not do it again?

I know there are now children and for those who don’t have, now bigger dreams but death draws near the minute a man begins to breathe- start reminding him of what he did you liked and go all the way- it might happen once a month but don’t loose that spark. You were never in good terms all the time yet you stayed together. Use the ‘F’ word together if you have to


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