Why does thou sit and weep?

Why do thou cling to me?

Why do the rains pour continually from thy face?


Do allow my grasp on you or it shall continue to pour

Pour till my breathe runs over it

Pour until you listen


Let me I pray you, listen

Tell me, for I seek to know

Not ‘cos you asked, but because I insist


Many decades ago I tell you, I should have been betrothed

Betrothed to he my kinsmen forbids

Betrothed to he my acquaintances gave me counsels about

Betrothed to he I did not pray for

Betrothed to he I did not give warmth

Betrothed to two who I visited at once

Betrothed to three his acquaintances whispered and took him away

Betrothed to one that was not of my land

Oh how I wish I could turn back the blade on a moving fan

Now I don’t know what I would have said or whispered

I don’t know how my betrothal would have appeared

Can you take my breast and suck it?

Can I attach your name for a day?

Can I hold your hands just on the street?

Can I have just one day speaking of you as mine?


The remorse you have made, are the same as mine

I have been on my knees but was rejected

Rejected for no bread by some

I then rejected her who ate none but gave all

I will request of you the same as you have, for now, I want as you want

I have waited in decades; I have left those I should have embraced

Can I cling to you?

Will you allow my arms around your waist?

I best believe that the path we took today was the crossroad we should have been at decades ago.




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