How To Know What Gift To Get Them

He went into the shop searching for hours for a simple gift to impress her with. For days she was without rest; what can I get for him?


Every time we are about to present a loved one with an impressive gift, we search and search and we go as far as asking theirs and our friends, what can I buy? When in reality what should be given is what we can give. A loved one regardless of their temperament will always appreciate your gift unless they don’t understand that time and thought was the most valuable thing you gave to them whilst even looking for the gift.


Men are fond of seeking for a woman’s gift at the very last minute of a birthday, valentine or anniversary date and women who spend weeks knowing what to do or give, spend less time understanding that because he did not do the ‘bunny rabbit’ jump like we do, does not mean they are unhappy.


Do you remember when you first sighted her and wanted to know everything about her? Well the knowing never ends and its in the knowing that never ends that you buy the gift. Do you also remember when you saw him with something that made you have butterflies but you knew one more accessory would make him look ‘’take home to mama?’’ Answer the question and you are the best gift giver.


Giving a loved one a gift has never been as easy as knowing them, their dislikes, likes and most needed item but always remember that the gift given must be the gift needed not what the person already has. Trying listening to them if you never do and notice the little gestures they make when they see something they want to own.


Its so not a bad idea to ask them. Hearing it from the horses mouth could save you a lot of stress.

8 thoughts on “How To Know What Gift To Get Them

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  1. How do you explain when a woman keeps giving -just because she like too but he’s not a giver? Perhaps, we should bear in mind that when giving we shouldn’t necessarily expect something in return. Lovely post! 🙂

  2. Truly, giving gift is one of the sign of love language your souse. And like u said, Every man must know the love language his partner understands

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