Should I Pray For My Partner?



People go to God in prayer for issues that trouble them, sometimes forgetting to also go to God in prayer for what they have that he has provided. It’s easy for sisters whose biological clocks are ticking to be reckoned as those who earnestly ask God for a husband but what of sisters who have husbands? When last did you pray for them? Aside from the prayer of him seeing no other lady but you


This reading is not only for sisters. I know women have always been looked at to be the praying mantis who God responds to quickly but when a man also prays, the amazing picture it paints, brings an answer too. The issue of praying for whoever we are involved with may sound absurd to some; especially to those who are engaged or who have boyfriends but praying for one another does a whole lot than people can see in the physical.


Take for instance divorce- if prayers were said, would it not have saved their marriages? What of those who lose people to death a week before their marriages or a day, would a simple prayer not have saved them? There is more to life than success, food and gadgets- life isn’t ours and it is by God’s grace that we take our breathe.


When you get involved with someone, you get involved in everything that concerns them; their goals, their ideas, their lifestyle and their aspirations. Praying for them, like you pray for yourself helps the two of you. It builds the idea that you are interested in what concerns them. Its like talking, but this time talking to the designer of relationships/marriage.


Prayers have always been seen as something meant only for women, as it seems they engage more in it than men do and with many others, I stand in awe of the praying woman because when you come at he who she prays for, its also her and her God you fight against. But I do think however, that it would be pleasant to hear that a man prays for himself and for his significant other.


Women may pray because they say they want it now but so also can a man. Men have been forced to console themselves that they do not have biological clocks ticking but what of your intellectual clock? #lol- (another topic for another day). What about even praying for your life in general? The man you want to be, your goals, your future, your other.


It is always more than a relationship that we pray for when we pray about our relationships. We pray for whoever we are involved with either by marriage or relationships, we pray for the present, we pray for our future, we pray because with or without them being in our lives, those we love exist for a reason and that reason has to be fulfilled.


There are always reasons to pray; you can thank God for your wife and kids, you can pray for your unborn children, you can pray for your stubborn girlfriend, your flirting boyfriend, pray for your involvement with one another, pray for your purpose, your health, your attitude, pray so you do not get hurt. God is also interested in your earthly relationships.


Apart from your time given, prayer is the best gift you can give.


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