My Feature Write Up @ VOAR (Voice Of Africa Radio)

People don't want change; with the Ghanaian politicians they want to know how the state's money is spent. Voice of Africa Radio and our very own Mr. Space Clottey, who never fails to give listeners and the Ghanaian political party representatives of New¬†Patriotic Party (NPP), National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Progressive People's Party (PPP) an... Continue Reading →

The Man Without A Country, Who Ran In The Olympics

A man with no country will run for the olympics tomorrow. Marial Gour who was born in South Sudan has not been able to locate his parents for the past 20 years. The family which had gone missing from the vicious war when the country split from the muslim north of South Sudan, has since... Continue Reading →

My Personal Opinion About Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

My father said, 'come and listen to her speak, her accent has not changed; her English is audible and she looks brave- you children travel for summer and you come back with a different accent'. Having an un-permed hair does not make anyone look 'chicky' you don't necessarily look like an old woman but you... Continue Reading →

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