Poem: Mother AND Child

They say am the earliestImage

That tells a lot

You get to do things for others to see

Behold this; a woman gripped her hair

With a flower and they say the hair is a flower

With her two hands she prepares in her

Creamy gown, puffed up

Holding in her hand, her sweat

Though her palms aren’t sweaty

it still can’t speak but its hair

All bushy, hands rubbing the palms

It bites its lips like its in war

Raising each feet like moremi

All the lady did was to make the newborn in her hand smile for a snap shot at nine months.

7 thoughts on “Poem: Mother AND Child

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  1. Can a woman forget her suckling child? True mothers don’t. Even in agony, they hide the pain and express love to their babies. I celebrate my mother and all mothers

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