My Personal Opinion About Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


My father said, ‘come and listen to her speak, her accent has not changed; her English is audible and she looks brave- you children travel for summer and you come back with a different accent’.

Having an un-permed hair does not make anyone look ‘chicky’ you don’t necessarily look like an old woman but you look like those ladies whose parents have little to be able to afford human or ‘Brazilian hair’ and it does not always make men see you as the clubbing type, you apparently just look naive to them; most people think women with the afro natural hair are not classy, little do they know.

I have never met her before but she does not look like a playful type to me(wonder what that means sef), she does not look like a lady that would utter some words- I mean the ‘F’ word, or those that purposefully wear mini skirts to get attention- she really looks principled

adichieShe speaks without missing her words- you might think its because she schooled in the best schools or grew up with educated parents but I believe she takes pride in herself- her smile makes me think she keeps learning- it looks like when you tell someone something and they say hmm. I can’t imagine meeting her (of course I will be star struck) but I can’t imagine if I would want to speak.

I don’t know how to read her novels because I find it hard reading anything more than a short story but before I read her work, I thought her stories would concern only village tales like that of a girl growing up and learning to make palm oil from palm kennel but I have been disappointed- she is good at story telling; her description of simple issues makes the art of writing beautiful.  I can’t imagine her being a sales person- she leaves me wanting more- I can’t wait for more short stories from her.



adichieI really do respect her, despite my first thought of the her always appearing in native attires, with un-permed her, scarf tied covering her ears like the northern women and her natural colored lip that still shines. I hope I write as good as her and I think it won’t be bad for most African ladies to go back to their natural hair.

Who am I to share my opinions anyway, am just a lady who adapted her her short story “American Embassy” into a radio play, I have never had an encounter with her but I do admire her; not just because she’s Nigerian; you know the general stories of Nigerians- People, Nigerians and Nigeria has a lot to do to redefine who we are to the world but anyway she is beautiful and she writes stories worth reading and do I have to say it, I admire her.

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