My Feature Write Up @ VOAR (Voice Of Africa Radio)

ImagePeople don’t want change; with the Ghanaian politicians they want to know how the state’s money is spent. Voice of Africa Radio and our very own Mr. Space Clottey, who never fails to give listeners and the Ghanaian political party representatives of New Patriotic Party (NPP), National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Progressive People’s Party (PPP) an opportunity to share their views on the ongoing judgment debt in the country.

Kwasi Darkwa, the treasurer of PPP in his opening statement reminded everyone of the up and coming election in Ghana which is fast approaching, stating clearly that the membership of the party is on the increase, going on to say that the party had not given out funds but was experiencing increase because of its credible information. Alex Bediako who represented the NDC, stated that the NDC was ”doing very well irrespective of the accusations levelled at them to deceive the people of Ghana … ”We are on course, we have not been derailed” he said emphasising that ”he was sure that the elections in December would be victorious in the hands of the NDC party”.

Reading excerpt from ”The philosophies and opinions of Marcus Garvey” Space explained traitors and propagandas as issues in the society, which then opened the discussion between Alex and Kwasi.

Alex elucidated that both issues are being used in good and bad ways by people, pointing out that the imitation by Africans of other countries of the world is one which he sees as a tool that we have used to degrade ourselves. Kwasi agreed totally with Alex.

Space who then reminded them of the ”judgement debt” issue, which was the topic of the Straight Talk show for that day said, “the issue had gone on for about six months and was one which had created a hullabaloo among citizens”, going on to define judgment debt to the listener, the dictionary explains it as ”the amount of money in a judgement awarded to the winning party which is owned to the winner by the loosing party”. Listing the issues of judgement debts presently facing Ghana are; Africa Automobile, Isofotan, Alfred Agbesi Wayome and CP judgement debts, said the forthcoming election in December was sure to be the focal campaign issue.

Diverting Space from his out pour on what the Ghanaians would expect from the election, Rosemary Culllis of the NPP came into the studio wearing a long fitted brown trouser ready to defend her party, Alex was described by a listener as a ‘true son’ of Kwame Nkrumah, saying his words on the issue of propaganda was thoughtful.

The discussion on the floor for judgment debts was then opened by Kwasi, explaining that the reason these debts exist was as a result of wrongful demolition of properties by government, breach of contracts and accidents caused by government official vehicles. “Since 2001, the government of Ghana had spent more than 6m Ghana cedes according to the public account committee and all the debts were accumulated by the NDC saying the companies that had been paid were CP, Water Vine, Isofotan SA and so on”. Hehis anger about the government accepting lawyers who made final decisions on judgement debts. Handing the document to Kwasi, He said everyone should get hold of the document, to find out the to true story about lawyers getting involved with the judgment debt to find out how the NDC party felt about it. Kwasi who refused touching the document at this time, said no one was interested in stories anymore, ”we want to know what happened to the money that was suppose to be used for those contracts that were breached”? He shouted.

Rosemary from NPP who had been preparing for her submission, ‘‘Alex has not said anything valuable, he is speaking of Mr. Agbesi’s case like it was a judgement debt, it isn’t! She shouted- it was a consent debt- there was no state contract.

Messages were coming in thick and fast and a message read “it would be lovely for Alex and Rosemary to go on a date”, thereby making Rosemary furious echoing ”breaching a contract is the problem here, Alex, where is the judgment debt money?” She asked. Alex who raised his voice barked at her, was immediately told to reduce his voice by Rosemary ”Alex, I let you speak, let me speak.. ”It is high time Ghanaians vote rightly” she said. Alex who did not stop talking raised his voice saying NDC was the right party for Ghana in December.

Space at this point burst into laughter and in a loud voice ”we have to end the show!”  It was obvious the debate was not going to end. He looked at the time again ”please I have to clear the studio for the next presenter; I promise you another airtime to prove to us what you have. Listener, please bare with me…am out

Phew!!! what a debate!

Straight Talk is always on Sunday 10a.-2pm and Thursday 11am- 2:30pm; don’t miss out on the conclusion of this debate. This was a beautiful opening for me as an intern for it was my first day and I do now appreciate presenters like Mr. Space, who listen and give people the avenue to air out what must be done in the society. The man described as Mr. No-nonsense broadcast journalist. 

Voice of Africa Radio, speaking for Africans and Africa.
by Ruth Yacim

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