Black November by Jeta Amata After Warnings By Niger Delta Kidnappers, To Be Screened @ UN In Newyork

After being threatened by a group to leave the country because he produced a movie that addresses his people’s suffering, award winning film maker, Jeta Amata screens his movie, Black November in New York at the United Nations General Assembly.(Today) 'Black November' stars international music acts like Akon and Wyclef Jean; who played a Nigerian... Continue Reading →

An Immigrant’ Poem

I packed my bags a mile away in search of freedom, My kind of freedom I packed my bags a mile away fighting to thrive, No matter the season I was a toddler in my mother's arm a decade ago But now I am a man strong enough to go searching I packed my bags... Continue Reading →

Nigerian, Becomes US Vice Chancellor

A Nigerian Professor, Ilesanmi  Adesida has made history  by becoming the first black Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of the well-respected University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the United States. Born in Ondo State, Prof Adesida is a Nigerian engineer with an outstanding knowledge in the field of Nanotechnology.  He obtained his Bachelor’s, Master’s... Continue Reading →

My Relationship Secrets—->Three is a crowd!

Two friends sat on a bench and the first lady complained bitterly about her man not treating her right. She said her boyfriend didn’t send her morning messages and he hardly checked on her with calls and all… she went on and said after their first sex, his love had withered and became only a... Continue Reading →

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie On African Women and Marriage

The institution of marriage has been a topic that has created different stories, theories and even anticipation which has endangered many men and women in Africa to forge ahead with partners which in most cases have been approved by their parents, friends, siblings and not just them. The idea, which originates from the bible in... Continue Reading →

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