My Relationship Secrets—->Three is a crowd!


Two friends sat on a bench and the first lady complained bitterly about her man not treating her right. She said her boyfriend didn’t send her morning messages and he hardly checked on her with calls and all… she went on and said after their first sex, his love had withered and became only a platform for sex. Their relationship was already a year old!

The other friend replied her; my dear I’m very sorry for your misfortune – mine calls me all the time, he pays for my hair do and takes me out every weekend; maybe you should ask your boyfriend if he still loves you? Do you think he might be seeing someone else?

I really can’t a place a finger on what exactly is wrong with both ladies but then we ladies often chat to gossip about our partners; what they do right/wrong. Do we really have nothing to do, or are we just itchy to speak of our relationships? Is there a problem with giving your man a call if he doesn’t reach out to you? Is there a problem with taking him out if that is what you love to do? How accurate are your facts about his arrant behaviour before you ridicule the one you profess that you love so much publicly?

Don’t get things twisted, this is not a story; people always get carried away with the wrong things and we go out speaking about our issues like we are the ones facing them. It isn’t a problem talking to a friend but you need to get your priorities straight if you think men act alike.

Relationships and its issues are not something we can avoid. These are dramas we encounter on daily basis; from strangers to friends to colleagues to our family members. My friend says “New wife dey sweet”, how tact!  When a relationship begins its easy for us to be carried away, overlook issues and  feel like we have been “swept off our feet” but when issues begin, we complain like babies who have no buggies walking round the street crying to be carried again. No relationship is perfect. There is no need telling a “third party” or anyone else for that matter what goes wrong most of the time. Sometimes gossip back to each other. A relationship can only consist of two individuals who are ready to be together irrespective of their differences. You either get out if you are not happy or solve issues together.

You add value to yourself when you make relationship decisions with God, you and your partner.

Keep this to heart:

v  To him that you tell your secret you resign your liberty.

v  What is told into the ear of a man is often heard a hundred miles away.

v  A secret between two is God’s secret, between three is all men.

v  If you would keep your secret from an enemy, tell it not to a friend.

Your business is your business. Their business is their business. Don’t mistake your business with theirs and theirs with yours.


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