ImageWalking into the studio at Plaistow, London, he came in with charisma and charm. The emerging winner of Mr Ideal Nigeria 2012, Abayomi  Towase who represented Osun state, Nigeria got my colleague Joyce smiling as he sat down for a brief interview about his tour in London and beyond Mr Ideal Nigeria.

“Good day ladies” he said as chuckles and silence filled the room. “Welcome Abayomi” Joyce said. I had encountered him before at Stratford centre where he hugged me making me call up Ayotunde Fabamwo CEO of Twitch & Styles to affirm to him that indeed a good representative was chosen to represent the team and Nigeria. Without much ado forging on to the interview with a smile still on Joyce’s face, the first question I asked was

ME: How are you enjoying London?

AYOBAMI: I have a lot to tell them back home, London is amazing. The people are friendly and the system is organized

ME: Tell us about Mr ideal Nigeria?

ABAYOMI: Its an initiative of Ayotunde Fabamwo CEO of Twitch & Styles, a pageantry meant to groom young men like myself into becoming able bodied entrepreneurs. You should invite him to the studio, to tell you more- ‘the guy is a brain’

ME: Ok but at least, you know a little about twitch and styles?

ABAYOMI: Sure! Twitch and styles is a good initiative owned by Ayotunde Fabamwo, he is a young man doing it good. I like his spirit; he is a good person to work with and a powerful individual. He has a good team of people behind him. He is associated with Visk n Surprises and Omowunmi who is my sponsor. I totally appreciate them.

ME: What has been the journey so far as the winner of Mr ideal Nigeria?

ABAYOMI: Wow! Where do I begin, am still a young chap and I have a lot to achieve; Mr Nigeria, has opened a big platform for me, I am no more mama’s boy #chuckling. Winning Mr ideal Nigeria was really unexpected, because I had a low mark at first but I was glad I won because now I can become an entrepreneur which is also a great platform for me and was an initiative of Mr ideal Nigeria pageantry

ME: What kind of business do you want to go into?

ABAYOMI: Perfume business really, I love good smell. Don’t ask me the name, just wait for it

ME: Send me my own o!

ABAYOMI: #chuckling sure will Image

ME: So how are you handling fame with your private life?

ABAYOMI: Hmm! To be honest it’s not as I thought it would be. I am in London now and my next pageantry is in Guatemala, where I will represent Nigeria for Mr earth worldwide on the 7th of October and I still have to juggle this with school and that is why I am glad to say that Ayotunde has my back because his team, has taken me under their arms and they take care of my personal life too, making it seem like family.

ME: We have to round up now anyway, so any last few words?

ABAYOMI: Hmm! I want to give a shout out to the Ayotunde Aabamwo, twitch and styles team, Omowunmi , Dotun Thompson, my mum and all the students of OAU and yes to you for listening and you for having me. God bless.

ME: Please come back again when next you visit London.

The interview was over but pictures were taken and Joyce was happy to get his phone number; really without a doubt, Twitch and Styles had the right man on the throne for Mr ideal Nigeria 2012. We at voice of Africa radio wish Abayomi Towase the very best now and after he has passed over his crown. MORE PICTURES TO COME

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