How To Be The Talked About Woman


In a conversation with a friend, she said why do men seek after women, even when they are involved? After a long silence I responded why do women flaunt themselves for men who are already taken? A third lady then responded, who are the taken men? Do we force men to stick around or do they stay because they want to? Women should have better things to talk about anyway but life like those questions are all about circles, nothing is new. Many questions are unanswered.


The role of being a woman comes with a lot of ‘drama’ we have to look after ourselves from the inside out. We have to be the mother and be the wife, be the sister and be the girlfriend. Sometimes, its not always good that we occupy ourselves in discussions or activities that emotionally break us down. We already have our periods to do that.

Men will be in the best position to answer the above questions but regardless of their answers, we should stick to what we know will be true when our names are mentioned. People will always talk about you. When you start work at an office, keep getting promotions, make a difference or don’t make a difference, people will talk and what you do, is what they will talk about. Sometimes they may say more than you have done, but don’t let things bother you. Don’t occupy yourself with your ex when he has moved on; the present babe is his choice as you once were. Speak like a queen would and stop calling people “toys” “nigga” or silly disrespectful names.  Don’t fight for a man, he should never be ashamed of you in the first place. Have God as the head of your relationships and learn to spoil yourself once in a while.

You may need to have personal goals to keep you busy if you lack one already. Something you could call a hobby, something you live by and not just fall back to. Something worthwhile which may end up being a career. However, just make sure whatever it is, you stick to it in hard times, as it would yield goals. No matter you age, you are a queen.

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