Poem: My Life; The Journey Angels Fear To Go



My spirit has gone on a test

It has been asked; what next?

Deep in my heart I have no answer

Deep in my soul, I want to rest

Deep in my flesh, my blood has ran the race

My eyes have seen; It has a picture of the finish line

It reaches there all the time with no return

When I got there, I knew- for my smile was like the sound of a butterfly in my belly

I had in my hand a trophy with my name on it

I had on my head a crown that made my hair long

I turned and saw the journey that angels had feared to go

It was my life, my ups and down

They had stayed in heaven for the fear of trials

They stayed back but said a prayer for me

Each time I failed, they sent a being to guide me

Some came and made wolves of themselves, Some came and stayed forever

The wolves were envious, the others my lovers

At this gate, with this crown; holding my trophy

Even the wolves cheered at me

I had gone a distance and my journey was complete

I now dine with success and cloth each day with expectations.


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