Poem: The Art Of A Woman

On she thrives, Sweeping the wind with her curves. The gallant firmness of her breast Ever firm her eyes does more than you see Her control grips you like a sucking child She continues to marvel you even without words You would prefer her speech to her silence She has the power to make you... Continue Reading →

Chimamanda Adichie Pays Tribute To Chinua Achebe (via Achebe’s facebook)

I have met Chinua Achebe only three times. The first, at the National Arts Club in Manhattan, I joined the admiring circle around him. A gentle-faced man in a wheelchair. ‘Good evening, sir. I’m Chimamanda Adichie’, I said, and he replied, mildly, ‘I thought you were running away from me’. I mumbled, nervous, grateful for... Continue Reading →

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