Are You Having A Superficial Transformation?

ImageWe read stories or hear about happenings in life and get chills or feel sudden transformation. about what to do sometimes to your partner or those in your life but I wonder if the feelings lasts and for how long? When we were young, we spoke and understood as a child but somehow within this world and the society we live in, we have grown up and are making choices that would either better our lives or take them away bits by bits, not that any of this is my concern but listen to still voice within that story and use it in observing your life….we should by now, know what we want in life….am sure no one wants to be poor, so if you say you don’t know what you want in life, then sorry you need to make a mistake and may be come alive cos that’s how you know what you want in life.


Turn by turn, we have grown up and have gotten into partnership in relationships, business and even school friends but how well have we organised our lives within our mistakes with this people? What has become our value? Men are suddenly on the edge to understand what a woman wants and women are on the edge to know their boyfriends, finances or husbands don’t see someone else apart from them and this is what the link to my article is. Sometimes we want everything to ourselves and we forget there is a whole lot of others in this world who also share and fight for the space we have and that’s why we must cherish it.


Nothing I know has been handed over to man on a platter of gold, you either fight for it, or it fights you by running from you; cos in moving forward, we don’t just stand up from a chair and move to the next one, we make a decision to leave our past behind as sometimes holding unto our past could be more devilish than hoping to have a future.


Cease the day says the English man, no time for time says the warrior who knows everything is vital. Don’t just be the one in the world or in a relationship, take charge…go into a venture and don’t stop till you’ve given it your last breath…go into a friendship and be missed when you are absent…go into a relationship and don’t feel you have given it your all when there is lack of communication or you make the other person feel unwanted, for communication in relationship really involves ‘’I just got u angry, can you forgive me and tell me how not to do it again’’ this is my dirt.


One part of our lives, always involves the other so this is even one step. The economy is already bad, may be our tongues and aspirations should not be bad too, life is already a risk , why are you scared to take a risk, within a risk? The poor man says ‘’what would be would be’’ but the rich man and the go gettas say ‘’I would make it be’’.




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