Why A Woman Is Not The Weaker Sex

A woman is not the weaker sex, she might be emotional and might have hormones that trigger issues that destroy relationships, friendships and even herself a times but a careful study of what women can do with or without the use of her vagina as a wife, shows that a man of great substance, can... Continue Reading →

Think On This When You Decide To Love A Woman

The idea is that a man should go down on his knee and ask a woman if she would spend the rest of her life with him? However, many a time, what seems as easy as that, have taken ages to accomplish. Women over the years have concluded that raising a child alone is much... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Take Your Business With You “Networking”

  These days people have made choices to be their own boss. Everyone wants security and sometimes its easy to begin but sometimes everything could crumble. Thanks to unplanned circumstances. One of the best series I ever watched was Ugly Betty. At the time I started it, I saw myself as Ugly Betty; I had... Continue Reading →

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