Why You Should Take Your Business With You “Networking”



These days people have made choices to be their own boss. Everyone wants security and sometimes its easy to begin but sometimes everything could crumble. Thanks to unplanned circumstances.

One of the best series I ever watched was Ugly Betty. At the time I started it, I saw myself as Ugly Betty; I had applied in magazine companies and wanted to write but no one was forth coming. #verydepressing

The Ugly Betty series was about a lady who had lost her mum, she had an elder sister (Hilda) who had a son (Justin) and all three were living with their father. Ugly Betty wanted to work in a magazine company and wanted to become an editor in chief. She got rejected when she went in for an interview at MODE but was called back because she wasn’t the sexy, sassy lady who slept with the boss’s son. Ugly Betty was no fashion, I even said Yerkes too when I saw her but unlike many, she had passion for the job she wanted.

She got into the job as a secretary, but worked her way up till she was invited to become an editor in chief. She was someone we would all describe as “a geek” with braces, glasses and no fashion sense but Ugly Betty was an entrepreneur hungry for a bigger office. Image

The Season 3 Episode 11 show was one of the most captivating episodes that excited me because not only was the episode centered on her passion to succeed, it also featured a vital awareness that most people, not only in business but also in life need.

Betty in this episode was given an assignment by her tutor; she was studying to become a full time editor at that time and after her failure to deliver, the tutor told her to go get 40 contacts by “Networking” in one night. For Betty like many, that was the mountain she had to climb. It included speaking to people, finding out about their careers and making yours known to them but Betty was shy and had never done it before

The idea of networking is interesting, it could be dangerous letting out information about your business but it brings the right people to your door step. Is it easy? No. But it is a part of life; we meet people every day and our first portrayal either on a level of business or friendship, brings them back to us.

Mark and Amanda, Betty’s colleagues taught her a process to networking which included BONDING, GATHERING INFORMATION AND MAKING AN EXIT.

It seems simple but there are reasons for those three processes and reasons why Mark said “Don’t spend more than a minute doing it all”.

On the idea of Bonding, he said always introduce yourself by giving your name, introduce your business and leave a memorable fact about it (either your business or yourself). The process of GATHERING INFORMATION involves you asking them about their businesses or their interest which would make you also remember them, finally MAKE AN EXIT; don’t dwell on one person for too long- people will either make an impact in minutes or leave you feeling foolish. Ever heard the adage “A conversation with a stranger in minutes can be more valuable than a friend you knew in years”?

I do believe networking goes beyond the business environment and can also work in a relationship or friendship setting; not everyone is suppose to be with you till the end; do what you can with what you have. START NETWORKING. You are your business.

Here’s a link to the Ugly Betty’s episode on networking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQa4cBk3Flk

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