Think On This When You Decide To Love A Woman

ImageThe idea is that a man should go down on his knee and ask a woman if she would spend the rest of her life with him? However, many a time, what seems as easy as that, have taken ages to accomplish.

Women over the years have concluded that raising a child alone is much easier to do than to raise a home and a child, and what seems most difficult for men to do always seems so much easier for women to do. Men have always been known to be the masculine gender, the bread winners and the soul providers for women; there are even greater beliefs that without a man, a woman is incomplete.

For years people get into relationships expecting it to be “the one” that says stay with me forever, have my children, be my wife but many get disappointed and some blame the men (it seems the men get blamed for what they don’t understand) some blame his family and very few blame the society

Those in relationships always have their differences; some quarrel over everything but stay together by understanding and growing with each other, some just have differences in religion, perception and even the body changes and only a real man realizes that his woman’s body never remains the same and keeps admiring her.

Men are often scared of commitment because they know it means sticking to one woman for the rest of their lives, it means becoming a financial provider everyday, it also means giving up some activities and only a few good men know loosing that lady would be like loosing a rare gem. Its also scary knowing one man will also be your husband when you know there are some attributes of his you dislike or that loving you will not be the way you want, but knowing you can tolerate him and make him better soothes the mind

People are often scared to commit, scared because of finance, scared of what the society thinks, scared to say I just don’t love you any more but others never mind which way they go as long as they keep going. It is never easy what path we take in relationships; even when you love them hard, they might never see themselves with you but being scared sometimes make you miss out.

A woman may not be miss world but she would tick your boxes and you will never know if you are ready until you are in it.

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