Why A Woman Is Not The Weaker Sex

ImageA woman is not the weaker sex, she might be emotional and might have hormones that trigger issues that destroy relationships, friendships and even herself a times but a careful study of what women can do with or without the use of her vagina as a wife, shows that a man of great substance, can be brought to his knee using the specie called a woman.

In the bible many men who served the lord and had strength on their knees, could not withstand women who either prayed or lured them into schemes that brought their down fall; Sarah the mother of many nations, didn’t have a child till she was ninety one and even when she told her husband to sleep with her maid and bare children for him, she still told him to send the maid packing. Remember Abraham could control nations, he was so rich he spent gold but the day Sarah became unhappy at her maid, her words were all Abraham needed to send the maid packing

David a man after God’s own heart,  could fight any battle and win but when he saw Bathsheba bathing on the roof, he could not resist, he went as far as killing her husband to gain authority over her as the father or her child. Samson was so strong no one could bring him down but use Delilah was all the Philistines did for him to confess his strength; funny but she did not go through all the rant of making him lifeless before getting her result. Hamman had a plan well fitted to kill Modecai but when Esther called for the king just to have dinner with her, the same thing he prepared was used to kill him. Hitler, a strong German soldier who killed millions of Jews  committed suicide with his mistress Eva Braun. Abacha a Nigerian dictator was said to be assassinated by an apple given to him by a woman.

Don’t get a wrong idea, women don’t bring men down, they are the strongest sex; a woman can lure a man with her beauty, she can make him beg for what she can easily give and many a time women use the silent treatment to win every issue.

There is one thing however; many women fail to understand their power, they occupy themselves with issues that should not even be an issue and sadly many feel a friend is a way to get away from a failed relationship. Don’t mis-interprete issues here, friends are good but not every one feels the pain you do; a woman’s greatest power is not just her body but her praying attitude. Men can be anything they want to be, but once you are a woman and you can pray, you stand a chance to persuade a nation. Trust me if you love a man, even a cheating one needs prayer

Its good we take care of ourselves and smell nice but don’t only look good for him, do it for you, smell nice for you too, take yourselves out sometimes and spoil yourself, don’t become a liability. He knows if he wants you or not,  a relationship isn’t about theories “it will only work if this and that is done” he knows what he wants. Learn to win most arguments using “The silent treatment” or better still talk to him about it but make sure you win; men as you will come to realise are babies that grew taller.

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