Why You Should Appreciate A Soldier

Every time there is a war between two countries, men are sent out to fight and have a peace watch all over the city; they stag, train, combat for their country's name. Many of them return and many don't, they are either "missing in action" or dead to the reality of life they come back... Continue Reading →

Predict Mr Ideal Nigeria 2013

Last year, House of Twitch produced a new face to represent Mr Ideal Nigeria; by that time, it was in its third selection. Voting lines were opened and the people chose Abayomi Towase. He had never been schooled in the art of modelling and had never understood the key to fame but like every aspirant... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Need To Have A Friend?

When we meet people, we connect with them one way or another and because bonds keep growing, we stick together and call them friends. They are usually the ones we share our thoughts, issues and a lot of with; they are people like us, they have emotions, trials and strengths. Friendships can last for years... Continue Reading →

The Female Breast And Its Diseases

For many years, breast cancer has been a focus for many charitable organisations which indeed has helped many women survive this deadly disease which has made many shameful of their organs. Day after day, medical personals have developed better treatment and easy diagnosis method which have controlled the disease and many have also failed to... Continue Reading →

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