You’re Not Getting It Because…

ImageTime after time I hear people complain; they complain of what they have or what they don’t have, they complain of what they can see and what they can’t; when things fall into place, some people become proud and when things falls apart, some have egos that say “oh am fine” even when they’ve messed things up.

Its human to complain but its not human to keep it up; time isn’t going to wait for you to appreciate what you have, you either understand the circle of life or you don’t. No one will teach you.

With the economy which is really not a novel affair in the study of economics, those with jobs complain, those without jobs complain, its seems absurd but it confirms a say that people are born to complain. The economic trial is not new yet people complain (and yet we say women nag). Every time we see others having some thing we don’t, we complain…is mankind ever satisfied?  Are we ever going to find the good in what we have?

Relationships have crashed because both parties complain about majority of things the other does and time after time we fail to realize that this is the closest lesson that teaches us that we also are not perfect; you simply cannot have everything at once- its not a curse, its the way the universe says I can’t have the sun all day long.

I don’t know what your complaint is about; may be you want a better family, a better husband, a better wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, clothes, job, house, lifestyle but may be its time to say thank you have what you have.

Am not trying to be a preacher or a life saver; am just saying you can’t keep complaining. I make use of silence these days… My mouth aches sometimes cos am a chatter box but its worth it when you pause for a minute and appreciate just one thing you have.

If not tomorrow, if not yesterday take time now and appreciate what you have. There is an adage that says nature is not in a hurry but everything is accomplished. Take time and listen to inspirational songs and don’t worry about those that don’t like you- they have time for that, you don’t.

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