The Female Breast And Its Diseases

ImageFor many years, breast cancer has been a focus for many charitable organisations which indeed has helped many women survive this deadly disease which has made many shameful of their organs. Day after day, medical personals have developed better treatment and easy diagnosis method which have controlled the disease and many have also failed to educate women on other possible breast diseases.


Men are often drawn to a woman by her breast and many women find it seductive when part of it, comes up in whatever clothing they have on; it is not as bad as it is but it is worse when a woman forgets her breasts are far more effective than it is.


The breast often suffers from other diseases which do not even include cancer and it may or may not concern you at this time but it is very important, that a woman tender’s for her inner body as she does her outer part. There is a list of other breast diseases which women must educate themselves about; they include


Benign Breast Disease

This disease is known by other names, such as lumpiness, fibrocystic and mammary dysplasia. It is described as a rough surface often felt around the nipple. People don’t notice it until they are middle aged but it helps to take supplements which help the hormone; they are not cancerous but it is important that every lump is noticed and taken care of.


Breast Cysts

This is a fluid filled sac which appear mostly in women at the of 35-50, they enlarge, become tender and painful just before menstrual periods. They are usually found in both breasts; some are small and cannot be felt but will always show up at the ultrasound test. Again, it is not cancerous but it is important you are treated in the hospital using a biopsy.


Fat Necrosis

This is a name given to a painless, round, firm lump formed by fatty tissues. It occurs mostly in obese women with very large breasts. It often develops because of trauma, stress or domestic violence (like a blow to the chest). When a diagnosis is given, many may never recall the starting point of the pain but time after time, a quick check with any little pain is good.


Fibro adenomas

This is a lump made up of tissues; usually painless and movable. It is most common with women in their late teens and early twenties. They enlarge with pregnancy and breast feeding but can be treated. Because it comes as a lump it is essential that a check up is done.


This occurs when a woman produces milk even though she is not breast feeding. It may occur when the breast is touched or not. Men also have this disease but it is less common with them; some causes include hormonal imbalance, antidepressants, blood pressure or herbal precautions. This might go away after a certain time but an appointment with the doctor helps it better.



This means that a change might occur in a microscopic way that could lead to breast cancer; these changes affect the cell and can be cancerous. These cells are in the lobules are most people with these, are at a high risk of breast cancer. There are surgeries to remove the abnormal cells but it can only be done in early detection.


Mammary duct Ecstasia

This disease occurs when a woman approaches menopause, it occurs around the nipple, whereby it becomes inflamed and blocked. It can be painful and can cause a sticky discharge that is gray in colour.



A duct from the nipple becomes blocked allowing milk to pool, causing inflammation, setting a stage for infection by bacteria. It is most common in breast feeding mothers. Most times it is cured by antibiotics but do not forget that a cracked nipple can also invite bacteria.


Nipple Discharge

Since the breast is a gland, secretions from the nipple of a mature woman are not necessarily a sign of a disease but some amounts of milky discharge occur by hormonal secretions and unusual responses. They come in variety of colours and textures and can be traced to thyroid malfunction or medications which affect the woman’s hormone.


Shehan’s Syndrome

This is a woman’s inability to produce milk or enough milk to feed her baby. It results from severe bleeding after child birth.

A majority of breast diseases are non-cancerous but it is important as ladies that we carry out self examinations and monitor the feelings that develop with our age and menstrual flow. Most women with chronic illnesses still breast feed and family histories could result into any of these diseases but a quick check and care could stop them.

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