Why Do We Need To Have A Friend?


When we meet people, we connect with them one way or another and because bonds keep growing, we stick together and call them friends. They are usually the ones we share our thoughts, issues and a lot of with; they are people like us, they have emotions, trials and strengths.

Friendships can last for years and can last for months or even a day but most importantly, friends often become our best teachers. They are always considered to be two or three girls laughing at the same things, two guys appreciating the same things or two opposite sexes with no sexual link, sharing a joke. Surprisingly, they always like the same thing or share common interests; its like when single ladies have common discussions or dislike similar people, married women see the same doctor for their children, men enjoying computer games, older men having the same taste for women and cars and opposite sexes, enjoying each other’s conversation.

Many a time some quarrels might happen among all of them and not surprisingly it is often for the same things they shared in common; single ladies who get married and leave the others alone, married women who say their children are more important than friends, men who fall in love with ladies their friends disapprove of, older men who see the other friend as a threat because he has nicer things and opposite sex friendships which lead to relationships that begins to tell the other coming much closer brought out an attitude you’ve never saw. Life and people often have ways of revelation, they have ways that have taught men about independence; it is sad to say that the very smart phones which would have brought people together, has actually taken people apart.

Friendship as it is, no longer has an idea to be ideal, its just basis- laugh with me and we are friends. The ancient book tells of a teacher who said, show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are. Simply implying- if you have a friend with pride, you just might be proud, if you have a friend with anger problems, who knows? The thing is we give advice to our friends based on what we ourselves will do. We accommodate friends who shop in the same store as us, do mostly the same thing we do and play the same way we do.

There is no theory that proves a man who’s friend cheats will do the same but if ever your wife did the same thing his wife did (since women are always the ones to blame when a man cheats) would you settle things at home? Why did you not give your friend the same advice? Friendships/friends are good but to what end? A person without a friend might seem lonely but a person with so many is the lonely of them all.

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