Getting Over A Break Up

ImageLove is bitter sweet; it is not as many describe and it can be exhausting. Love is not bitter sweet because it is painful; it is bitter sweet because sometimes you have to feel pain to understand how it feels like to be loved or hurt. Don’t go around having a pity party, don’t conclude that love does not exist, it does and it hurts sometimes but it starts from you.

Love is the greatest gift and it is something no man can escape; let no one deceive you, that love does not exist. It does and it is awesome, it keeps you alive and takes you on a magical journey. Ask people in relationships, it is like life itself. You wake up in the morning, and you want to talk to the fellow you are in love with, you want to go to bed and they are the last people you say goodnight to it is time consuming, because everything that concerns them, concerns you.


When one is in love, you don’t tell them how they feel, you don’t tell them what to do and you don’t tell them who they are in love with. The same goes for when they are not in love, you don’t tell people how they feel or should not feel and though it hurts not to understand love, it hurts more when one has loved and has found no reason to stay in love.


A heart break is time consuming too. It is like a melting ice on a warm skin; sometimes soothing but choking. A heart break is not funny, it is worse than hunger because you don’t get hungry and it is considered a heart break because you loved a fellow, you shared so much with them but they say you are the worst thing they can hold on to. When it happens, friends and family members often say “we feel your pain” but truth is no one “feels your pain”.


No one should have to go through the ordeal of having someone say they don’t want them for a relationship again; every relationship can be made better.  No one should have to hear that they can’t stand or occupy someone anymore but sadly its still happening and no one or nothing anyone does can stop the everyone in the world from having a heart break in life.


You could spend all your earnings, do all the things you thought you would never do for anyone and still get a heart break and this is why most times, instead of having a pity party calling every friend and family, hating every opposite sex you meet, cry your eyes out, take the bull by its horn. It is not easy and it never has but the most honest thing is that nothing you do will reverse things. Cry your eyes out and may be write down how you feel but after it all, find yourself before finding another person. It is not going to be easy, but it is the best thing you would do for yourself in life; do whatever you can but don’t forget yourself.

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