Are You Scared Of Succeeding?



Is your success with someone else or with you? Strange as that question sounds, it is a vital question that many of us need to answer.

I often hear people say they have to remain friends with some people because they never know where life would bring them together again or what that other person might do for them and it makes me wonder if ever people had the idea that favor is rendered not by good will but by peaceable spirits.

The Nigerian Yoruba adage says “Omi le yan, ma se yan” (People are like water, don’t offend them). Come to think of it, it didn’t say don’t let them go or keep them, it says, don’t offend them. But then again, what will someone do to you that will make you withhold a helping hand when it is your turn to render it?

People often advice that we do not remain friends with our ex(s) because they let us down and for some, there is a belief that keeping in touch with your ex helps them see what they have lost or helps you retain a friendship which might lead to your favor or help somewhere in life. All these things really does not matter to be honest. If people were to hurt us emotionally by refusing our advances or if they strayed away from us after a good love gone bad, would we turn them down in the future when we have the ability to help them because they hurt us or because we have no means to help them?

Forgiving or bypassing someone for an act that brought emotional pain is one of the hardest thing man has had to overcome. Having to love someone is not all a bed of roses and even when you are not loved in return, the heartache grows wider but having an unforgiving spirit is like shooting oneself. No one should have to suffer a broken heart and saying things can be worked on might be easy or that you can move beyond a break up but having a life time hatred for a human being like yourself is like having a killer disease that you never see.

No one but you has the link to your success. No ex, no friend, no partner holds the key to your success. No one is saying you should go about offending your friends but know like Jada Pinkett said “You can love them from a distance”. There is no one you have to keep in your life for success to happen, all you ever need is within you.

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