Letter From A Child To A Parent

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Dear father and mother, thank you for giving birth to me and not aborting me. Thank you for not sleeping comfortably when I arrived and never complaining. Thank you for the breast milk which until I grew up never knew was sour. Thank you for the warm clothes. Thank you for lifting me up as a child and speaking to me as though I understood you so I do not shed a tear again.


Thank you for taking pictures of me so I know who exactly I look like because it seems I only had one person’s eye or nose by your analysis. Thank you for my name and adding your name to it. Thank you for sending me to school but really teaching me all I needed to know at home. Thank you for telling me what friend was good, before I knew who really wasn’t needed. Thank you for talking to me about puberty; I knew you were also shy about the topic.



Thank you for telling me what to wear and buying what you thought was in vogue. Thank you for pocket money; please don’t hesitate to keep it coming even though you feel I am married- I will tell you when to stop. Please understand we live in a different generation; stop embarrassing me or telling me how to do things, ask me what I want first.


Please note that the way you talk to me or refer to me is what I would become. I love your union but I hope mine is better; don’t think I am being rude but trust me there are things you do, I don’t want to do and things you didn’t do that I want to do. Thank you for telling me what God to worship, can I now find my God since I will be asked how I lived my life and not yours? Mother thank you for teaching me what kind of woman to want, father thank you for teaching me what man to choose. I may travel, get married, have kids but I will always remember you because you both are my source. #Wink


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