The Job Of Being A Parent

ImageWhen parents think they do nothing in the lives of their children or that they do enough; it is then, that they should sit back to think, because everything a parent does in silence and in action goes a long way in a child’s life.

Becoming a parent is more than bringing  a child into the world. It has nothing todo with breast feeding or sperm donations either because it takes more and even more to be called a parent and contrary to people’s beliefs, a parent can forget a child (Isaiah 49:15).

In raising a child, parents often meet joy, unanswered questions and more unknown lessons which prove that generations later seem either easy or difficult to tame. Many parents see the grooming of their kids as joyful but others conclude on the worse and believe raising a child is never a thing of joy.

The risk of raising a child has often been linked to the needs of the child. Parents irrespective of their status quo believe every child grows into the mother figure they have around them and this has led to a conclusion that mothers are the real parents. They believe that mother’s responsibility begins with child birth but comes to an end with their death.

There has never been a child that ever existed without a parent; either he or she was raised by a single mum or widower. A child can never just appear into the world; they are created by an act of love but are sometimes left with the repercussion of their parents life style.

Many children today suffer from negligence, divorce, truths untold by parents, prayers unsaid by parents and words spoken from parent to child. They suffer because parents fail to tell the stories that brought them lessons in their younger days, they suffer because many parents use caution as a way to demoralise and give their children names instead of wisdom.

It never was or has been an easy task to raise a child or to instill some sense into them but it always is a beautiful picture when parents come together and play vital roles in the lives of their children.

No child of yours is more knowledgeable than you are; you may not have gone to school or be thought in a conducive environment like them but no child, no matter how angry they become wants to be apart from his father or mother forever.

ImageFamilies play a big role in the society and it starts with one child,  parents should never have to conclude that their job is done. The violence on the street and the nation must not be blamed on your offspring no matter what happened in your life. Be a teacher, a friend, a best friend and most importantly a parent.

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