Famous People And Their Relationships


Being famous for whatever reason comes with its highs and lows; it brings some sort attention which sometimes can turn out to be the worse part of fame. When one is famous, it usually means being on top of the world(materially), you get to have cars and own houses that regular people can’t afford and this  means working overtime to satisfy fans and the general public.


A look into the lives of famous celebrities shows that when one becomes famous, one’s lifestyle is no more as personal as one thinks it is anymore. People and even the “paparazzis” (photographers), want to know what you eat and how you sleep. The news, your fans and even your critics seek to find reasons why you have done whatever it is you have done.


For many the beginning is easy because it comes as a marketable venue for the general public to get to know you but as soon as it becomes unbearable, it also becomes a kind of life you wish you never had as some often miss out on little memories that made them human. The relationships and marriages of celebrities are usually the part of their lives that suffer from the peeping toms of the general public.Over the years, many have been forced to stay in or leave relationships that never should have existed or ended that way and for many, the worse kind of celebrity relationship and marriages which suffer from public scrutiny remain those where both of them are celebrities.


Being famous is one thing but being in a relationship with another famous person comes with more pressure, it is like dating your lifestyle in another person. It is not that dating anyone who isn’t a celebrity is celebrity is different, because each one of them rub off on each other, but it is like having another you because your relationship and everything that happens in it is no more private; there are good and bad days.


Celebrities have faced public scrutiny; they have defended rumors which normally would have been an easy get away by a normal fellow who had one or two friends and its sad to say that because they are under the public eye, they are always obliged to respond defending themselves for rumors which may or may not be true.


Addressing a rumor which is linked to them personally or to their partners is certainly not the only thing they do when they address rumors; they address their life style and their reasons and this is always never a necessary thing to do even it seems ok by their representatives.


Rumors when addressed are often given power, they undoubtedly reveal the weight of whatever celebrities have to explain and since they feel the need to explain it, they go on and on telling more lies or unnecessary truths which in the first place an ordinary person won’t reveal to friends and family members.


Some celebrities never become celebrities by their work, not because they are not known but because what they do brings them a certain type of fan base people. Some however have a huge fan base and when these two become inseparable by relationships, the news room is often there to find out if truly they are an item for the other’s worth or for the reason of love?


Many celebrities have become famous together, they have worked through things and have known each other even before the fame but as always the media finds things that should never have existed, thereby giving some people reasons why they too could become partners with known celebrities but it also means the faithful ones will be called names


Being a celebrity is not as glorious as people dream of. It is nice to have a car, go on vacations, buy a house wherever you want and eat good but it also means being apart from your partner and loosing the little memories we all take for granted. It means finding a good partner who loves and supports you beyond what the public thinks and it means finding someone to be you with.


I don’t know if ever celebrities wish differently about their public lifestyles- we do know people say they wish you never knew but may be they did but I do hope for some reasons celebrities are allowed to live the way they want and not be asked why.



Just like you want your relationships to be private, leave celebrity relationships alone.


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