A Flirting Partner And Their Accomplice



When people flirt and you detest them, what exactly do you hate about them? If a girl or a guy begins to admire you, why do you conclude that they are flirts? Do you decide that everyone who has a girlfriend/boyfriend wants a piece of you when they call or text? Too much questions to answer but trust me, there is a reason for this.


People who flirt often say they never know when it all begin because all they are is nice and friendly people who admire what they see. They are the ones in a relationship who dwell on faults and believe there is always someone better out there, they wait till when a quarrel comes up and they chat up whoever they see; little do they know that if they took their time to water their relationships and solve problems before it becomes a hole, it would become better every day.



The other half who say others are flirts, are the ones who won’t leave and by this I mean the ones who believe that other people are the flirts. They abuse the flirt, calling them names, replying their messages, returning their calls and saying “you can’t ignore them, they could leave their partner tomorrow”- stupid statement isn’t it? You call them flirts because you know they are involved in a relationship and they keep calling you up, acting all friendly with you, sending you text messages, which of cos you know, they could send to their partners and you say they are the flirts. Do you ever wonder that you also play a part in their flirtatious attitudes?



People resist people they want nothing to do with but when a friend who has a girlfriend/boyfriend spends their time giving them attention, they call them flirts and think they are innocent. If ever you didn’t have anyone and someone with or without anyone did the flirt or the interest relationship with you and you never want to have anything with them, will you still keep them around for the sake of the future or for the fact that you also want a part of them? Would you reciprocate their gestures and say you are innocent if they are the ones always calling and texting?



Flirting with anyone if you are in a relationship or not says a lot of who you are; you may not have been the one to begin whatever it is that there is but if somehow someone means something to you or if at all you think you don’t care, you still will be who you are, if you also feel you can’t be the one people flirt with then you should make a choice, except of cause, you like what you are getting. Everyone is attractive and everyone has a good side, anyone can be tempted but not everyone wants a broken heart.



Being a flirt might not break your heart but setting other people on a voyage you will never go with them, says a lot about you. In a closed society where everyone is guilty, the only crime is getting caught. Everyone falls for the right temptation.

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