Telling Your Friends About Your Relationships…


Our friends are often the first people who see us glow when we fall in love; they are the ones who become inquisitive about what our partners would do for us and though sometimes we love to have them around, it is not very often that we get along with them when we are in relationships.


Many times when people become involved with each other, the story goes that they often lose friends and gain some; their partner’s friends become their friends and friends who detest their partners often become their enemy, making themselves outcasts to both couples and irritations to just one.


It is not strange that friends influence some part of our relationships and it is not crazy to say that we let those friends do so. Our friends are part of our everyday lives, we do and undo things with them and though it may be sad to say, it is real to remember that many relationships, who suffer break ups, leave individuals back in the hands of friends who nurse such individuals through tears and drunk days.


Real friends will remain our friends regardless of our quarrels with them, they understand us when we are down and they understand us when we need their help and even when it seems stressful for them to come help us achieve anything, they still do. We share things with friends we rarely do with family members and they in turn make our business their business.


Our friends also make our relationships their concern and even they mean no harm, we make them outcast trying to please our partners and this applies to both genders. We become silent about our relationships to our friends because we feel they come to close finding reasons to destroy your relationship, we make them unaware of our partner’s treatment to us and we act as though our relationships seem perfect.


It is no wrong when you let a friend unaware of a relationship neither is it wrong for when you do not tell your friends about an event planned out for you and your partner, some people like it so but if ever you felt you had a true friend, let them know who you are involved with- listen to them but do not attend to every advice they render in your relationship. It is yours not theirs…


Your relationship may be the type that loves a PDA (public display of affection), it may be the type where no one knows both parties are involved, there could be times when friends would believe you are no longer fit for each other and having to become people’s envy may sometimes be a part of your agenda (no one should ever envy a relationship) but if ever you love your partner, the greatest thing should be, having no secret between one another


A friend is not an influence in your relationship; they could tell us what to do or cheat on their partners and get away with it but you wouldn’t and having to copy them could lead to your water-loo. Our friends are our friends, so they are here to stay. It is sometimes impossible to keep some friends because of our relationships but it is important that we learn the idea of not complicating our relationships with friends who wish they could take over our partners, friends who make suggestions as to our partners because we are the wrong ones for them and friends who want to know it all.


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