Telling Your Parents About Your Relationships…


Introducing our partners to our parents always seem like a hardest task in our relationships to do, it seems like the part of the relationship we think would put us in a tight corner but just like the icing on the cake, it becomes necessary when the next level is inevitable or we become conclusive on what we want with our partners and on every part, it becomes a good sign to the other partner when it is done.

It always seem like a “mission impossible” to accomplish for many but having them attend our “Big day” often becomes more satisfying than having the big day without them. It is not strange that meeting the parents seem like planning a party; we are no longer in the era when it was common for people to marry a childhood friend, an ethnic person or a partner chosen by either parent who they already know. The hands of time have turned and many people have decisions to make on whom they decide to spend the rest of their lives waking up and sharing details with. It could be hard or easy meeting the parents, it could also be a mission impossible because of their expectations but either way, we always play a big role in how things go.

Parents always want the best for their child and at most times, they also play a part in who their child decides to stay with forever, they become observers of who their child introduces to them either as a friend or as a future spouse, they become inquisitive about the other person’s origin, religion, likes and dislikes- they even become more investigative than most partners do at the start of their relationships #lol.

Our parents mean everything to us and it is important that we make them a part of the better lives we choose to share with whoever we see as a worthwhile individual to give it all up for; they play a big role in our lives and the way we go about bringing others to become a part of the family, makes it important to them and to us.

It is lovely to find a special someone who you can act stupid with or have words with and still make have a laugh; it is even more beautiful when you don’t want to let them go and when by all means, your parents have to know about them – introducing a partner can be challenging, so it’s best you start from the top.

Speaking the best of your partner will always be a good way to begin as they would need to know from you why this person, has become the best for you (always put in mind that your parents knew nothing about the first time you met or the things you have been through, so telling them some, could be a good idea). Do not leave your partner unaware for long that someone somewhere has been longing to meet them. Always discuss with your partner what they think it would feel like to meet your parents and lastly do not pick a fight if you alone have done the telling to the parent and the other partner is far from it.

Meeting your parents could be comfortable for you and indifferent for your partner, so do not at all put everyone involved at arm’s length. Create a meeting day and atmosphere that best suits everyone and finally never leave your partner without a smile.

Meeting the siblings would never go as far as meeting the parents; however bringing them all together and having your partner stay as a family, would depend on you and what you do or say to your family members.


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