What Can I Condone in a Relationship?

men and marriageThe new gist I got from a guy was “I am not a player, am just not a lover”- what did he mean by that? I asked. He said and I quote “I am not playing/cheating on a girl if I am not in love with her, I will only stay faithful if I love her and she is worthy”.

#Deep breathe ladies. There is a change in the way we are being loved. The change is that we must be worth it to be loved by them but what their worth implies differs because every man differs.

A dude had explained to me that if ever he was in a relationship, he would not want for his babe to still have male friends who don’t set their boundaries because even if she never loved any of them, they could and this could bring uncalled jealousy that would lead to trust issues.

Of cos, the second guy is in love. He may sound archaic while the first guy may be just into himself but what exactly can we condone in relationships? What can the other party do that can be detrimental to you and could leave you feeling worse about yourself or other people like your partner?

We call men cheats, but ladies do the same. We think the worse of men but forget some ladies pride themselves in dating men who already have relationships.

The story is always yours, your relationship also is yours. What you keep up with is what you will end up with, it can be pleasurable to flirt but at who’s cost? Stick to someone, not for what you want to be seen with but for what you can tolerate.

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