How The Choices You Make/Made Affects Your Whole Life…

ImageA man is born into this world by the act of love; he is taken in by the arms of a fellow who cares and nurtures him into life and the issues of life. He is gracefully told what to do and what not to do by a parent and always reminded that a friend might be good or a friend would be bad.

Most times our first lessons begin at home; just when we are toddlers, our parents consecrate our lives and teach us everything we need to know, teaching us the basic things needed in life. They tell us about their mistakes and teach us about our friends, many times our mothers listen and give advice but then again, we become adults and have to live our lives by the economy, the people we meet and the issues that come before us.

Some religions have often believed in meditations as a means of escapism, some have often believed in prayers and worship. We as humans have often taken directions which conclusively have worked for us by all means and sometimes we have taken these directions because of what we believe in.

Inspirational speakers advice that one could meditate and visualise one’s dream to become a reality, one could even speak words into existence for themselves and finally, one could always believe what he or she has spoken or what he or she has imagined.

Making a decision in life is always a key topic, not just by inspirational speakers, but by those we love. They often make a sound in our ears that having to decide and stick to a choice is a vital sign of a man who knows what he wants. It not always an assigned task, but many men have confirmed that through making choices, they have been able to accomplish a goal or two. It is not as hard as it is and it is a free gift; even God gave it to us when he told us to choose who we would serve (Joshua 24:14-15).

ImageWe all live by our choices, we may not be able to choose what people will say about us and how they would treat us, but we should be able to choose a God to serve, a faith to hold on to, a never giving up mentality and a power to get to the end of the tunnel.



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