Who Is A Proverbs 31 Husband?

Many have been known to liken many women to the proverbs 31 woman in the bible, they have been known to compare the women who must become wives and even sometimes girlfriends to this chapter in the bible which undeniably, describes the characteristics of an ideal woman.   Many men have sought and found wives... Continue Reading →

Using Social Media To Your Vantage

The next best thing after smart phones, have been social media. Don't we all know that by now? But how many of us make it work for us? With the numerous social sites and the billions of people registering with them, one would imagine that those billions or even millions would know how best to... Continue Reading →

To The Men Who Can’t Tell Their Women “I Love You”

Being in a relationship means more than we know, it affects our health, our spirituality and even our attitude; it plays a vital role in our life that depicts who we really are and sometimes it helps us become who we eventually become. Getting involved with people always seem interesting at the start, we get... Continue Reading →

To Pursue Or Not To Pursue, That Is The Question! by Sam Hailes

‘TAKE wives!” the preacher shouted. “The word is TAKE”!” The congregation laughed as the T word – pulled from an Old Testament scripture – was emphasized over and over again. The message was crystal clear: Men should pursue their girl to the very end. What end? Marriage, of course. I’m 5 years on from hearing... Continue Reading →

Are You A Happy Or A Sad Writer? by Roy Peter Clark

Yesterday was a happy day for me as a writer after I received an enthusiastic review of my new book “How to Write Short.” But what if it had been a negative review, or a hostile review, or an insulting review? I would like to think that it still would have been a happy writing day. But... Continue Reading →

Does Sex Happen In Marriage?

"Why don't we do this more often?  I love sex and I particularly enjoy it with my husband but getting started is just the problem," exclaimed one wife after a counselling session in my office. Another woman said, "It's strange, but whenever we do make love, we always look at each other afterward and say",... Continue Reading →

Plan To Have A Long Lasting Relationship, And It Just Might Happen

  Just like many, we are often carried away when we see older couples who have spent thirty, forty years together, we wonder if like boyfriends and girlfriends they had no issues that should have separated them and the truth is, they did- so what kept them together we ask?   Relationships begin when we... Continue Reading →

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