How Do You Pamper Yourself?


As women, we are fond of our looks; we go crazy when we get out of shape and people tell us we look older than our age or even just our age, we want compliments such as “wow you look younger”, “you skin looks lovely” and all that.

Its nice when we look good and sometimes we do these things because of the opposite sex, we do them because of what others would say and sometimes we do them because we just wanna look good. Aint nothing wrong right? We have to be women and we are born that way. We just wanna look good and have fun.

Looking good is a good thing, its our priority and it has always been our wish to be more than we are, not just in the office or in the kitchen but also within and outside our bodies; who can blame us, we all are competitors in one way or another.

Everyday, women look for ways to become better, younger, sexier and everyday, answers get to them when they go looking. Many find what they look for and many get the compliment they want, many fail because they try it all and many keep the search on.

It is important to note that while we look for ways to be better, looking good starts with you, it starts with the lifestyle you live and the things you accept into your life and by this, I mean food.

Having to eat the right diet is a good way to start, it helps in digestion, which in turn helps you to have a good posture with a dress or a shoe- it helps in confidence and helps you develop a bowel system that doesn’t send you to the toilet every time you sit for a meeting- please ladies, don’t count calories- eat well and feel good about it.

Drinking water is a good way to also start your day- it is sad though that many people know about the water effect but yet they fail at it, may be its time we sleep with a bottle of water by our bed side because it could help you a lot. Drinking water could help your skin glow, it would soften the hard pieces we all fail to wash down when we visit the toilet.

Aprillaugh’s blog ( uk) has a variety of healthy ways we could all live.  As a life stlye coach, she recommends a number of things also on instagram (fitmrsfats). Even smoothies which serve as easier ways to take in fruits in a lady like manner of picking vegetables. Blend and drink from your glass. #simple.

Every person has a stress level and so do you, so manage your stress levels well. Don’t fuss about anything. If you have little kids, form a habit of leaving them with a sibling of yours and create a quiet sleeping period for yourself just before you get them back and play the mum with super powers. Please leave them with someone you trust. #wink

A mild use of make up is also good for your face; don’t become a clown just because you have to look cute. Use the right amount of foundation and please don’t use the same eye shadow your friend prefer. Women tend to pick colours from magazines and models off the street. Yes it good we remain in trend, but it is also good we remain classy.

It is also good to note that using makeup before it is needed, is bad for us. Many girls today want to look like aunties and though it seems okay with mum, it is bad when we look like aunt when we should look our age. When we have a pimple, it is important we treat it as a pimple and not a mole- we don’t always have to plaster our faces to look smooth when we can as well treat it to get our faces back. If you have to use foundation, use it to look younger, not older.

Using soap wash is good, it helps us with a scent that of cause we all know, could bring us compliments. Make use of natural soaps if you have to, don’t go mixing soaps and products that could bring damages to your skin. Don’t burn yourself up; mixing products could be good but if at a point it stops working, you may not know which of the product was bad for you, so stick to what works for you.  Many people often find comforts using pure natural black soaps, dry sea soaps and this works for them, so go for what soothes you.

Buy body creams that have anti oxidents; this helps with anti aging. Buy lotions that help with the weather and yes yes yes, keep drinking water no matter the weather. Many make use of Shea butter and Aloe Vera as lotions, many find solutions with mixtures they make at home, making a research of a product is a good thing- never use a product just because your friend uses it- find out what is good for your skin.

And ladies, ladies, ladies keep smiling; no body lotion or foundation would cover up those wrinkles like a daily dosage of laughter. We are beautiful in our own ways and that’s who we need to appreciate first- don’t worry if someone else is prettier than you are, just be you.

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