To The Men Who Can’t Tell Their Women “I Love You”

ImageBeing in a relationship means more than we know, it affects our health, our spirituality and even our attitude; it plays a vital role in our life that depicts who we really are and sometimes it helps us become who we eventually become.

Getting involved with people always seem interesting at the start, we get to know them, their likes and dislikes and sometimes knowing people brings laughter and joy. A relationship however we look at it, always has a lesson for us; we learn our best characters in them, because those we are involved with admire it and we learn what it is, we must do away with to live aright with others and this is because of the correction those we are in a relationship with give to us.

A man is usually the person who admires a woman and approaches her, he always sees  a sense of humor, challenge, care and grace in her that he longs to belong in; he always finds a means to know the things she likes and dislikes and always finds a way to make time for what she believes in.

The woman on the other hand always has the power to let him in or out, she always has the power to accept him for who he was and what it is he may likely become in her care. She continues to tickle his brain to what it is she might want and just when he  thinks she might see him as the greatest love of her life, she could turn around and let him alone because no matter her love, she has the power of choice.

A man begins with his gestures but remains with her because he goes on with them and professes his love for her. Many men have failed in this and many have not but all do wonder why at a time a woman may frequently ask “Do you love me?”

Many men, after a year or two in relationships and marriages, fail to use the words “I love you” they rely on the school of thought that says saying “I love you” may not necessarily mean “I love you” and  this is a great failure for many.Image

A man may not love a woman but may win a woman with words and a man may love a woman but may not win the woman with words and the reason has been linked to the scenario and reason for the word. A woman will always believe a man who has taken care of her needs(action) and has said the word(i love you) but would least believe a man who she has just quarreled with before he said the words – actions don’t have to happen for you to profess your love to your woman.

You do not have to meet a woman’s material needs to say the words, you do not have to wait for a day you never want to loose her to say the words, you also do not have to wait for an occasion and you also do not have to say, your action is enough proof for your love-  Actions and words are never the same.

A woman is a jewel, like it or not, if she has a character you can’t stand, you played a part in it. She choose you, she may love you more than you love her and you may find no need for her in your life because of another woman but you may as  well become a man with few praises from the woman who once loved you.



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  1. This is just a trap to make men more submissive to women. Women have broken the social contract marriage provides thanks to Feminism and Gynocentrism combined and instead nag and nag more from us men without giving us nothing in return.

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