Knowing Her Love Language

ImagePeople live and breathe, the economy floats and favors who ever it chooses, countries go to war, but people never stop loving each other, they never stop the act of love and this is what the bible says is the greatest gift.

People are drawn to love more easily than they are drawn to anything in the world; we conquer a lot with love and no matter what we do, we can never run away from it. People go into relationships, being attracted to one another, finding interests in the same thing and spicing up things with activities that keep them going.

Men and women go on loving one another regardless of religion, tribe, state, country, want and need. Ladies go on loving their men regardless of character, wealth and attribute, of cause this happens with the men but very often most men loose themselves, wanting more than their women would give, forgetting to love their women, forgetting how to love and forgetting to care for them.

Loving a woman, is a woman’s job, it is never as easy as it seems or a book can tell. Women know what they want. Think of it this way, of all the men who always wanted them or still want them when they are with you, how could she pick you- what do you think makes you special? In truth, she’s the only one that can give you that answer.

Women are special species; though we don’t always know it, we have special powers, we are women, wife, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, lover, companion, best friend and mothers. They are really much more than words would describe and as men, you need to understand that women are to be loved the way they want to.

A woman’s love is found on her, her need for a man, the things she wants from her man is found in her messages, her requests and her gesture. It may never be easy to fulfill all her request but it is known that a majority of women often want a lot and most of them consist of you

Telling her I love you– many men take this to be a task and the truth is, it only becomes a task when you become unsure of your feeling. A woman often falls in love and says she’s in love when sex has been involved but a man can stay out of love even with sex, staying attracted to the body he had sex with. You can never love someone everyday but when you do, it should never become or seem like a task to tell the woman you love, not with a message or a card but with your very words that you truly love and appreciate her.

If you love her you wouldn’t be afraid to tell the world- with the invent of social media, its hard to believe that most men find it hard to tell their women or their friends that they love their women. Its hard to believe that even a coy man can’t use a system they find easy to use everyday to tell her or his friends that he has someone he cherishes. Very often other people are usually the ones to testify of our love when in action we never fill the space.

If you love them, you will never let them go- this is hard, in short sometimes its impossible but no matter how hard the situation is, love always triumphs. Being in love doesn’t come easy, even if you never had issues, its hard staying together when you never like the same thing every time and everyday but staying together and making a compromise often help people grow and that’s why they say “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t”.

Never disrespect her- A disrespectful man is never in love, he is selfish and possessive. He cares less of what would become of his woman or what beauty she possesses. His engagement of sex with his woman becomes visible with the way he publicly handles her body and they way he speaks to her and of her to his friends. Loving your woman includes taking care of her body, it includes adoring her being and her attitude.

If you love her, listen to her- Many men complain that they have nags as women, they say they understand her and that they find other women who act better. Do men know that a woman can and would act in a way and manner in which you treat them? Women differ, they differ in wants and need, they differ in attitudes and listening to her can help you understand her. Learn to stop finding faults and start having talks that lead to understanding.

If you love her, you would find the time- Ever heard, if you want it, no excuses, well it works also in relationships and marriages. Creating the time to satisfy your sexual desires may be one thing but creating the time to listen to one another, forgiving one another and moving on with greater desires, is one way to let your woman know you love her.

If you love her, you would forgive her- Women, no matter how composed or silent they are, often having larger mouths when they want, they often step on your nerves and get you wondering, how did I fall in love with this? They do things babies won’t do and act out of emotions and most times, because you are the man, you are more emotionally stable when things happen. You are strong and principled, you often know what quarrel to avoid and what not to most times in comparing to women who shop, cook and gossip. As a man in love, make it a point of duty to forgive her, care for her by teaching her the lessons she need in a forgiving manner.

There really are as many reasons as we can find or search for, it is beautiful to be in love and a tragedy not to be- if you love your woman, sometimes it is best just to tell her, even if you are not sure if the feeling is mutual. It’s best if you do, and not hold back for too long, or she might start thinking differently about your feelings toward her and there in lies the trouble your relationship may grow in.

Loving a woman is never a question, you could never get an answer for loving or telling her you love her but you can as well never make her/her friends/her family question the love you have or say you have for her.


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